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‘The Solent Way’ – A Printmakers Progress

After the release and short tour of my album ‘Our Town’ in 2013 I’ve been able to spend what little spare time I have to continue on my project ‘The Solent Way’ –A Printmakers Progress. It’s been a wonderful theme to focus my attention on producing limited fine art etchings and getting deeper into the medium.

I’m also using this fine summer weather to make further watercolour studies and have reached Netley near Southampton and completed 9 etchings each with an edition of 20. Although I’ve been reinterpreting my earlier studies by drawing on copper plates for the last 3 years and keeping my hand in by attending life drawing classes it has been a good 10 years since I actually sat down on the next stretch of my journey to eyeball and paint my chosen subject.

Feeling excited at the prospect but slightly nervous that I had perhaps lost it, I was pleasantly surprised that I could still do it! I sometimes think that reinterpreting the landscape on a flat surface with colour and line is an odd if not almost impossible thing to do. However, by surrendering yourself to the subject and trusting the medium something happens and takes over.

I’m still writing songs and have created my own demo for the next album. I’m really pleased with these songs and feel I’m arriving at my sound. Hopefully sometime next year (in between the stages of the Solent Way) I’ll commit to recording again.

In the meantime I have a new guitar buddy by the name of Chris Jones who plays National Steel Guitar and just about everything else with 6 sings exceptionally well. We also share a connection with Northumberland and have a love of roots, blues and folk. He’s been accompanying me on my new songs and we should be tentatively playing out from September under the name ‘Delta Tyne’.